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How to Turn Off the Radio in Mazda Vehicles

If you own a newer model year Mazda vehicle, your center display uses a MAZDA CONNECT™ system that is designed to help you maintain focus on the road ahead while seamlessly controlling functions inside your vehicle’s cabin. As intuitive as this feature is, you may need a moment to get acquainted with your system’s controls. This guide from the Bill Alexander Flightline Mazda team covers how to turn off the radio, mute/pause audio, and even how to reset your MAZDA CONNECT™ display if needed.

MAZDA CONNECT™ dial buttons and controls

How to Turn Off Your MAZDA CONNECT™ Display

Press and hold down the volume dial until the display powers off. This will turn off your MAZDA CONNECT™ system.

How to Reset Your MAZDA CONNECT™ Display

Press and hold down the volume knob, back button, and NAV button for about 10 seconds. This will reset your MAZDA CONNECT™ system. If you are experiencing system issues such as a frozen display or lagging issues, performing a system reset will most likely fix these issues. Please note that performing a MAZDA CONNECT™ system reset may undo changes made to your infotainment system or audio settings.

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How to Mute/Pause Audio

Press and release the volume dial once to mute the radio without powering the system off. Playback will also be paused if you are using an audio source that can be paused through Apple CarPlay™, USB audio, or Bluetooth® audio. Pressing the volume dial again will cancel the mute and resume playback.

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Getting to know your new vehicle is an exciting part of becoming a Mazda owner. Let us help you out! You can check out our blog for more Mazda Guides & How-Tos. Mazda fans in Southwestern Arizona can come to their local team of experts at the Bill Alexander Flightline Mazda dealership in Yuma, AZ, for help getting acquainted with their Mazda vehicle or to trade their current ride in for one of the new Mazda cars and crossovers on our lot.

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Almost everyone has experienced a weak or dead car battery. Even if you have jumped a car before, it can be tricky to remember the steps. Having to jump start a car battery is annoying but if you think about it, it’s really quite an incredible discovery. How did they first realize we could do this? Anyway, let’s get to our guide. 

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Grab your jumper cables

You should already have cables in your trunk. If not, go to your local auto parts store and pick some up. They aren’t very expensive and they can be stowed away easily. After you locate your cables, get a friend or a good Samaritan to park their vehicle in front of yours. Turn both vehicles off. 

Attach red clips


Put one of the red clips on the positive terminal of your battery. If it is not labeled, the positive end is usually the larger one. Attach the second red clip to the other car battery’s positive terminal. 

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Attach black clips


Take one of the black clamps and attach it to the negative terminal on the other car’s battery. Then put the other black clip on an unpainted metal surface on your car. Typically, the best option is one of the metal struts that hold the hood open. 

Start the other vehicle


Have the other person start their vehicle and let it run for a few minutes. This is how your battery gets charged. After a little bit, try starting your car. If it doesn’t start right away, make sure you have everything connected properly and try again in a few minutes. If it does start, great! Remove the cables and put them away. And don’t forget to thank the other person!

person wearing gloves holding jumper cables to batteryperson holding jumper cables under hood

Contact us with any other questions satu fitur unggulan di Mazda CX-5 terbaru adalah i­-Stop (Idle Stop System).

Teknologi ini secara otomatis mematikan dan menyalakan mesin ketika kendaraan sedang tidak bergerak.

Jadi tidak ada bahan bakar yang terbuang sia­-sia saat mobil terjebak kemacetan.

Untuk menghidupkan fitur ini Anda tinggal menekan tombol bertuliskan i-Stop di dasbor sisi pengemudi bagian bawah.

Ketika i-Stop aktif akan muncul tulisan i-Stop berwarna hijau di panel speedometer.

Untuk mematikannya tinggal tekan lagi tombol i-Stop tadi.

(BACA JUGA: Mazda CX-5 Touring, Lebih Murah Namun Memiliki Fitur Tak Kalah Menarik)

Ketika i-Stop aktif, ketika Anda sedang melaju dan melakukan pengereman hingga mobil berhenti dengan sempurna, maka otomatis mesin akan mati.

“Komputer membaca sensor dari tekanan menginjak pedal rem, kalau tekanan kuat yang berarti mobil berhenti, otomatis mesin mobil akan mati,” ucap Tundjung Pangajom, Head Of Technical Service Operation PT Eurokars Motor Indonesia.

Kalau fitur Auto Hold juga Anda diaktifkan, Anda bisa mengangkat kaki dari pedal rem dan mesin akan tetap mati.

mazda battery light symbolMazda battery light symbol is on.

Ingram Park Mazda is happy to help you know what it means when youris on.

If the battery light in your vehicle comes on only when you start the vehicle, that’s a normal system analysis. If the car battery light stays on while you are driving, then there’s probably something that needs to be repaired. If you have battery problems, you may notice that your headlights are getting dimmer, the radio might not turn on, and the windows are moving slower. If you notice any of these things happening, then you need to get to your destination or bring it here to us as soon as possible because your car is ready to die. If neither can be reached, find a safe spot to pull over and park.

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